A unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher!
By living and studying in your own personal teacher’s home, you live in the language and you can’t avoid learning. As soon as the student wakes each morning, the lesson begins, from chatting over breakfast to the end of the day, just relaxing and watching TV, the language spoken is the language you are studying. Aside from the structured tuition, all conversations, social activities are in the local language and your teacher will guide you and correct mistakes throughout the day. This is a full language immersion approach, which makes this method very effective and gives the student a true insight into the language and lifestyle.

Who are our teachers?

All our teachers have a recognized teaching certificate or a University degree or equivalent accepted by the private sector. Their teaching qualifications are verified, and their homes inspected to maintain the highest standards. We also have resident regional organizers who monitor each teacher and the progress of each individual student, they are on call to solve the slightest personal problem that students may encounter.

Our teachers broadly fall into three categories:

1) Working teachers who have a full time job with a state or private school and work for us during their summer vacation.

2) Retired teachers who are pleased to host mature students several times throughout the year, this enables them to meet interesting people from other countries and also to supplement their income without leaving their homes.

3) Female teachers with children of their own, who often give up their full time teaching post to look after their own children. These ladies are delighted to have the opportunity to supplement their income by entertaining an extra child whom they can teach without leaving their own home.

Course options:

Standard program: We offer a choice of 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours of personal teaching per week, and programs from one week to four or more weeks in length.

Two Students In Home: Students choosing the two student program must come with their own partner of the same level and at the same dates as they share the teacher. There is a reduction of 20% for each student sharing lessons and any accompanying person.

Our programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills, even for students with very little previous knowledge of their chosen language. The very young can benefit from being in a home environment and are supervised according to their parents’ wishes by our teachers and regional organizers.

2024 Course fees on a full board accommodation:

10 hours of personal teaching per week = 888 euros ( Extra Days € 72 )
15 hours of personal teaching per week = 1.070 euros ( Extra Days € 72 )
20 hours of personal teaching per week = 1.274 euros ( Extra Days € 72 )
25 hours of personal teaching per week = 1.478 euros ( Extra Days € 72 )

Start dates:

Since you are an individual student receiving individual tuition you may choose the dates, which suit you best. All programs include the Sunday evening accommodation before the language tuition starts on the Monday morning.